Beauty Hacks Will Change the Way You Apply Makeup

Beauty Hacks Will Change the Way You Apply Makeup
Today we're sharing a bunch of makeup tips that will transform the way you get ready. These hacks are suitable for both daily and occasional use. Whether you want to create a glamorous eyeshadow look, or learn how to stop lipstick from getting on your teeth, these tricks are not to be missed!

1. How to get the perfect winged eyeliner 

Applying eyeliner is no easy task. If we're honest, it sometimes seems like a superpower. That said, there are plenty of household objects you can use to hack it. Use either a pencil, an old loyalty card or the handle of a thin makeup brush to trace your liner out.

For a correctly angled flick, line the object up so that one end is touching the end corner of your nose and the other is touching the tail end of your eyebrow. This will ensure that both eyeliner wings are nearly identical.

2. Can you reuse false lashes?

Given how expensive they can be, you'd be a fool to only use false lashes once! Carefully remove them after use and keep for the next time you need them. 

If they're still in good condition, all you'll need to do is peel the glue adhesive off of the eyelash band.

You might need to give them a little bit more TLC if you've blended them with mascara. Take a spoolie brush and gently brush out each individual lash to remove excess glue and mascara. For a thorough clean, synthetic lashes can be soaked in makeup remover. 

TOP TIP: Store spare lashes in surprise egg toy cases. They're an ideal size and robust enough to keep them protected in your evening clutch bag. You can even store spare glue with them! 

3. Reuse mascara wands

The best mascaras are normally costly, but did you know that most of the time it's all in the wand? When you've used up all of the product, save the wand and use it with a drugstore mascara. You'll be amazed by how similar it is!

4. Make your own gel eyeliner

5. Use a spoolie brush 

Harsh brows are never a good look! Blend them out by taking an eyebrow spoolie brush and lightly brush the product through the hairs. Add a small spritz of hairspray to the brush for an easy setting spray. 

Even the most beautiful eyeshadows can cause a lot of fallout. If you've never heard of fallout, it's when loose eyeshadow falls off of the application brush and onto the face. It can be tricky to clean up without smudging and ruining your base layer of makeup. 

Easily clean up fallout by taking a large, clean fluffy brush and lightly dusting off any excess eyeshadow away from the face.